While some families have no problem moving into new subdivisions or neighborhoods, others are already settled in. They have developed relationships with the neighbors and more importantly the kids have made friends. This presents the dilemma of staying in the existing outdated, non-functional, drafty home or moving. Tearing down and building new for now and for the future could be the perfect solution. Building new will provide you an energy efficient, stylish home with modern features and amenities such as a gas fireplace, vaulted ceiling, master bath or walk-in closet! Allowing your family to stay in the neighborhood they love, the town you enjoy, and the location the family is comfortable with. Allowing your family to stay in the neighborhood they love, the town you enjoy and the location is priceless!!

Tearing down has other advantages also such as water service already to the house, town sewer in some cases, gas service, and electrical. This has become a more common practice as we has completed tear downs in Plymouth, Hanover, Pembroke, Abington, and.... If you or someone you know who really wants to stay in their neighborhood or has found an old home that needs to go, but would really like to rebuild with Kennedy Built contact Melissa at the office 781-294-7171 or MKennedy4u@comcast.net.
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